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Links, Credits, and Errata

Relevant Links and Sites of Interest

Model Railroading / Toy trains:

Automotive sites I frequent and/or recommend

  • AutoExtremist
    The original insiders' blog. I've been known to get an opinion or three published here too.
  • Blue Oval Forums @ Blue Oval News
    The #1 FoMoCo Enthusiast's forum, despite the infantile toll-baiting and infighting...
  • The Lincoln Forum .Net
    ...keeps classic Mafia Tank-mobiles like my 1975 Mark IV running!
  • Jalopnik
    The kind of automotive website I would have made if not for (laziness)
    When Jalopnik jumped the matzo, one site spun off and rose above, a beacon for all self-effacing motorheads to flock to on burned heads. Yours truly has been alleged to write for them from time to time.
  • AutoBlog
    There are several auto blogs out there, but this is one of my quick-check faves.
  • Automotive Traveler
    Lucky Bastards!
  • RIP shoutout to and Ride&!

Friends and People Deserving of Esteem:

Brick & Mortar worth a visit:

  • The Golden Spike Train Shop
  • 6357 West 79th Street; Burbank, IL 60459
    - One of the best family-owned shops in the business. And I've been to many.

  • The Rail Fence
  • 415 W Broadway St; Frankfort, KY 40601
    (502) 875-5040
    - "The Haunt". 'Nuff said.

  • Hands to Work Railroading
  • 4002 West 127th Street; Alsip, Illinois, 60803
    - Right off the interstate, if you can't get to the Golden Spike.

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